Oncology Treatments

Colton Health Group has brought together the top specialists in cancer treatment, technology and research in order to provide the most cutting-edge, patient-focused service in the state – and beyond.

From the most feared and life-changing experience of discovering that you have a cancer, to the hope and satisfaction you get from the care that we offer, we are by your side every step of your journey to being cancer-free.

New oncology patients are seen within a few days, if not the same day as referral if necessary. We consult on all types of adult cancers and blood diseases. We are experienced in a wide spectrum of diseases that integrate hematology and oncology.


Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy, or radiotherapy, is the use of various forms of radiation to safely and effectively treat cancer and other diseases. 


Medical Oncology

Medical oncologists are trained to use systemic drugs in the treatment of cancer, and to administer these therapies.


Gynecologic Oncology

A gynecologic oncologist is a physician who specializes in treating women with reproductive tract cancers. 


Oncology Consultation

Having cancer can be scary for anyone. At the first appointment, the oncologist will talk about treatment options.

Locations that offer Oncology services:

Colton Health -
Chula Vista

Address: 480 Fourth Ave, Suite 409, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Phone: (619) 425-2080

Fax: (619) 425-8410

AZ Cancer Center -

Address: 1755 Airway Avenue, Kingman, AZ 86409

Phone: (928) 681-1234

Fax: (928) 681-1811

Website: AZ Cancer Center Oncology

AZ Cancer Center -

Address: 2281 W 24th St, Suite 1, Yuma, AZ 85364

Phone: (619) 425-2080

Fax: (619) 425-8410

Website: AZ Cancer Center Oncology

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